Work packages

WP1: Defining the key approaches of the Slovene Genome Project in the fields of science and medicine

The goal of this work package is to define the scope, approach, and strategies of the Slovene Genome Project. The use of modern technologies, standards and analytical approaches will facilitate the development of the diagnostics of rare diseases and expedite the implementation of personalised medicine.


  • Identification of key stakeholders for the Slovene Genome Project.
  • Analysis of the capacities and the existing genome data in Slovenia.
  • Systematic analysis of the leading genome projects and identification of good practices for national genome projects.
  • Establishing the contents and the timeline of the Slovene Genome Project.

WP2: Development of an innovative bioinformatics platform for genomic data

We will develop a standardised platform for the exchange of genomic data between domestic and international research centres.


  • The development of the software for the collection, analysis and manipulation of genome data.
  • Online portal with access to genome data collected through the Slovene Genome Project.

WP3: The establishment of ethical and legal policies and guidelines

In cooperation with domestic and foreign experts, we aim to prepare medico-ethical guidelines and legislation addressing the Slovene Genome Project.


  • Analysis of the existing medico-ethical and legal regulations in Slovenia.
  • Establishment of new strategic medico-ethical and legal documents.
  • Preparation of new guidelines for genomic medicine.

WP4: Education of the professionals and the public

Educational tools and materials, designed to inform professionals as well as lay public about the purpose and long-term benefits of the genome project, will raise high awareness and increase general knowledge about the importance of the initiatives for collecting national genomic data.


  • The establishment of an educational hub.
  • Workshops and lectures for professionals about the Slovene Genome Project.
  • Lectures for the general public.
  • Educational events for students.
  • The organisation of the conference Slovene Genome Day.

WP5: Pilot genome sequencing project

New genomic data of the Slovenian population will be generated through a pilot project, which will represent a foundation for the establishment of genome medicine in Slovenia. The activities in this work package will serve as a pilot test for the activities in other work packages.

  • Sequencing of 300 Slovene genomes.
  • Data analysis and platform development.